Crystallization of Organic Thin Films


I developed phase-field models for microstructural evolution during crystallization in organic thin films. A combination of thermodynamic and kinetic effects give rise to a wide variety of different morphologies and molecular orientations in these organic thin film systems.

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Electrodeposition into porous materials


I have also worked on modeling the morphologies and conditions under which electrodeposition occurs in porous materials, with applications in nanowire fabrication and battery safety.

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Molecular simulations of electrolytes at interfaces

Current work focuses on using molecular dynamics simulations to understand the nanoscale behavior of ions at interfaces, with applications in nanoporous atomically thin membranes for controlled ion permeation and supercapacitors for energy storage.

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Other research interests

I am very interested in renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency. I think transitioning to sustainable energy sources is an extremely important challenge faced by our society today.

I am also broadly interested in materials microstructure characterization and modeling, self-assembly/pattern formation, electrochemical systems, and computational physics.